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Minutes March 7, 2016 Tree Revitalization Committee meeting

  • 2016-03-09 12:07 PM
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    Chris Comte (Administrator)

    Notes from March 7, 2016 Tree Revitalization Committee Meeting

    Attending: Pat Altenau, Chris and Tom Comte, Rachel Comte, Becky and Ben Echtekamp, James Englert, Mary Jo Gerwe, DeeAnne and Dave Helms,  Mike and Susan Whitehead, Pam Wilcox.

    • 1.      Review of Activities for our April 15 Launch.
    • a.      There should be an article in the next Voice, written by Rachel, on “Tree Topping” that will include an announcement of the 2016 Tree Planting. Follow up articles will be written by Clare Finney using materials from the previous tree project and with input from Chris and Rachel. It was suggested that we include information of the tree canopy assessment.
    • b.      The Eastrowgardenclub.org/trees website was reviewed. It includes links to the order form, volunteer signup, history of past projects and a map of the area of this year’s project.
    • c.       The tree order forms must be printed out and mailed, with money, to Susan Whitehead. She, Pam and Tom will coordinate breaking out the volunteer lists.
    • 2.      Dead Trees: James will contact the five property owners who lost trees (6 trees) from the 2014 planting and discuss replacement opportunities.
    • 3.      Mike met with the Mayor and several (one?) commissioner(s) to discuss the project, their support and timing.
    • a.      The City is on board – they need to know the scope of their participation by July so they can plan their work – hole digging, cutouts, delivery, etc.
    • b.      They were interested in our idea of contacting Duke to determine if Duke might offer a tree removal program, followed by stump removal, chip removal, soil addition and tree planting by the City and us. Rachel will discuss this with her contacts at Duke. If there is a meeting with Duke, the City wants to be at the meeting.
    • 4.      Promotion in areas outside of the East Row. Discussion of ways to ensure that the tree planting opportunity and the opportunity to volunteer is promoted in The Island, Taylors Landing and the area south of the East Row.
    • a.      Create a brightly colored, single “panel” to distribute to houses in all these areas. Pat will create a prototype and get cost estimates;
    • b.      Probably need 2-300;
    • c.       The idea of “Gifting a Tree” could be displayed on the panel, suggesting that, if someone wants a tree in front of another property, and the property owner is willing, then that is an option.
    • d.      The Panel or a facsimile should be put out on the List serve;
    • e.      Chris will work with Becky, Susan and Chad to work out physical distribution of the panels.
    • f.        Becky said that, as the day approaches, B105 is usually willing to promote such activities.
    • g.       Susan Whitehead agreed to contact Audrey Ann regarding doing our photography again.
    • 5.      Grants. Pat passed out a list of possible grant sources. Most were found using the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) of which we are a member;
    • a.      Rachel will be talking to Duke and to the Northern Kentucky Urban and Community Forestry Council regarding support;
    • b.      James and Tom will go over the list and coordinate efforts to apply.
    • 6.      East Row Foundation Support. Susan reported that the Foundation is supportive of our effort and will participate financially but will wait to determine what our need is, what additional Garden Club support comes after the Garden Walk and, hopefully, make up any reasonable deficits. The key variable is the number of trees ordered.
    • 7.      Hospitality.
    • a.      St. John’s has again agreed to allow us to use their Fellowship facilities for the morning kick-off and post planting lunch;
    • b.      We anticipate providing coffee and morning snacks and probably pizza for lunch. Mary Jo and DeeAnne agreed to assist in the setup. We can probably ask several local restaurants, as we did last time, to give us a price break on the food.
    • 8.      Landmark Tree project. The project got started last year but was dropped in the rush of the Westside Planting project. The Committee agreed to get it going again. Currently there are 9 trees identified as potentials (by residents or homeowners) so the next step is to contact tree/property owners where needed and then schedule a visit by State Forester, Chris Scott. Dave, Tom and probably John Gilliam will work on this. Signage needs were discussed but not decided.
    • 9.      Reminder – the order period is April 15 to July 15. Planting is October 15
    • 10.  Next Meeting – Tuesday June 28 – same place.

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