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East Row Garden Club

The “Landmark Tree” program aims to recognize significant trees within Newport’s urban forest. These trees are valuable assets to the community, and have continued to provide multiple environmental, physical, social, and economic benefits instrumental in shaping our neighborhood. The hope is that this program will encourage deeper appreciation of our trees, especially those of unusual size, historic or cultural significance or other unique characteristics. Knowing how valuable and significant a tree is often encourages more care and lessens potential of tree removal down the line.

A tree may qualify as a Landmark Tree if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Has attained significant size in height, trunk diameter or canopy spread. Trees that have breast height diameters of 4 feet or more are potential candidates;
  2. Has significance because of its age;
  3. Has special aesthetic qualities for its species and/or is of special importance to the city of Newport;
  4. Possesses rare horticulture value;
  5. Has historical significance to a person, place or event.

To nominate a tree for consideration, send the information to

Tom Comte or call at 859-802-8512.

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