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East Row Garden Club

Tending and Beautification

The Tending and Beautification Committee is responsible for the Sixth Street Urns, the Third and Park Garden and a planter on the approach to the Purple People Bridge.

The Sixth Street urns are planted in the May and November.   In May we plant before the Annual Garden Walk.  We ask the Committee Members (as well as the entire membership) to volunteer a week or two during the summer to water the urns. In November we ask for help the week before the Christmas House Tour to fill the urns with greens.

Planting of the Third and Park Garden requires help in spring and fall to take care of planting and clean up of the Garden.

The Purple People Bridge planting is handled by Wes and Scott Ledyard.  Our approach planter is one of many enjoyed by the entire area.  

If you would like to sign up for the Tending and Beautification Committee contact Cathy at 

Tending our neighborhood

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