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Tree Revitalize Feb 1 Meeting Minutes

  • 2016-02-04 10:26 AM
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    Chris Comte (Administrator)

    Minutes Feb. 1, 2016 Tree Revitalization Committee Meeting

    Attending: Pat Altenau, Joy Bishop, Chris and Tom Comte, Rachel Comte, Becky and Ben Echtekamp, James Englert, John Gilliam, John Morrow, Mike and Susan Whitehead.

    • Report on Funding. For the 2014 planting we spent about $15,000 that including the $40 per tree by subscribers. We planted 91 trees at that event. We currently have $6,000 in the ERGC tree account and have assurances from the ER Foundation of additional support. The Foundation has not voted on an amount as of this time but we expect they will at least match our amount. A price of $50 per tree was agreed upon.
    • Grant Potential. Rachel will contact Duke Energy to determine how they might help, either through grant opportunities or a direct contribution. More on Duke below regarding tree removal.
    • Pat will again look for grant opportunities through the Alliance for Community Trees, of which we are a member. We need to renew that membership of $125 and that was unanimously approved by the Committee. We will still need grant proposal writers as we uncover grant opportunities.

    Tentative Planting Date. October 15 but most Saturdays in October would be suitable. Mike will discuss with the City Manager regarding help from Public Works and date conflicts with other City events.

    Planting Area. The Committee agreed to expand the planting area to include the East Row, Historical District, Taylors Landing including both sides of Monmouth Street, The Island, and the area south of the East Row bounded by 11th Street curving along the RR track down to 10th Street. The areas outside of the East Row Historical Area will require special efforts to promote the tree planting opportunity as residents in those areas do not receive The Voice. Becky agreed to cover The Island. For the remaining areas we will need to promote through Caraballo’s and by leaving promotional cards at residences and businesses in these areas. Chris will print cards similar to those used in the West Side 2015 planting.

    Special Opportunity for 2014 Tree Buyers Who’s Trees Died. Of the 91 trees planted in 2014, we are aware of 5 trees that died. The Committee decided to offer a replacement tree to each of these residences at half price, i.e., $25.

    Tall Trees under Power Lines That have been Trimmed by Duke. The Committee agreed that we should try to offer tree removal and replacement with small trees where trees have been trimmed by Duke. These trees are primarily found on the E-W numbered streets. Several steps are required before we could make this offer.

    • 1.      Rachel will contact Duke to determine their willingness to remove trees and whether it could be done in time for our tree planting. If not, this may be a 2017 project.
    • 2.      Mike will talk to the City Manager and Public Works Director to determine whether, if the trees are removed, stump grinding to prepare a planting site is possible in time for the fall planting.
    • 3.      If the first 2 items are feasible, property owners facing these conditions will have to be contacted, perhaps by letter, and given an opportunity to sign on for a tree at the $50 price.

    Tree Choices. The Committee concurred that residences that sign on for a tree will receive either a large or small tree, dependent on the overhead power line question. While we will order a diverse selection of trees, we will not offer tree species choice. This greatly simplifies both purchasing and tree delivery the day before planting.

    Tree Ordering and Payment. Order forms will again be provided on line at the Garden Club web site. Payment by check or cash. Order forms can be delivered to people who have connection problems. Susan will receive and control the tree purchase funds. The application deadline for ordering tree will be July 15.

    Chris will be the contact for inquiries. Rachel will handle the tree purchasing and delivery to the Public Works building.

    Site visits for Each Tree Order. Each resident who orders a tree should receive a site visit to determine the appropriate location of the tree, the marking of the location with marking paint and size of tree. This will identify the need for cut-outs, water and gas line concerns and any special conditions. All of us will have to participate in this process using a check list that has been previously developed.

    Volunteer Solicitation and registration. The Voice article and the order forms will solicit volunteers. Tom will develop the volunteer list for both the planting teams and for some of the other activities such as hospitality, photography, etc. John Morrow volunteered to be part of the Street Clean-up crew but we still need a truck. Chris will contact St. John’s to determine if they will be willing to let us use their fellowship center again (an alternative site suggested is Holy Spirit School). Rachel and friends will again provide the morning planting demo. We can also use the tree care instruction prepared for the previous planting. Tom, James, John Gilliam and Ben will work on tree delivery to sites with the Public Works crew the day before the planting.

    Kick-off and Publicity. The official Kick-off date for this project will be April with an article in the March issue of the Voice. Rachel has an article underway for the Voice and will insert a box announcing the fall tree planting with more information to come on how to participate. Chris will prepare articles for the Voice building on the 2014 announcements. As the event nears, press releases can be prepared for the River City News and other outlets.

    Next Meeting.  Monday March 7 at 7 PM at Comte home, 640 Park Ave.

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